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How should different industries choose barcode printers?

March 8, 2022

Barcode printers are mainly divided into commercial and industrial types: industrial barcode printers are usually used in industrial manufacturing, logistics and transportation industries, and factory operations. It is a dedicated printer that enables continuous high-speed printing without supervision. The content it prints is generally the company's brand logo, serial number logo, packaging logo, barcode logo, envelope label, clothing tag, etc.


The commercial type is suitable for the occasions where the printing volume is relatively small such as units and small garment factories. The mechanical structure selected by the commercial type barcode printer is mainly composed of plastic, which has a considerable advantage in quotation.


Barcode printers are divided into two types: thermal transfer printing and thermal printing:


1. Thermal printer: Consumables used: thermal paper. Thermal paper is coated with a coating that will change color due to chemical reaction when heated, similar to photosensitive film, but this coating will change color when heated, and the printed medium will not be stored for a long time, usually half a year!


2. Thermal transfer printer: Consumables used: self-adhesive label paper, PET, PVC, washing water label, tag and other label media, and thermal paper can also be used to print; using thermal transfer technology, simple In other words, it is to use a special carbon ribbon to transfer the toner coating on the ribbon to paper or other kinds of materials by heating. Its intermediate medium is carbon ribbon. The printed media are kept for a long time, generally more than two years.


The thermal printer has a simple transmission mechanism, which directly acts on the thermal paper, and the handwriting retention time is short. It is suitable for the retail industry and other fields that are ready to use, such as printing computer receipts. And thermal transfer printers can generally be converted to thermal printing, and the versatility is very good. Thermal transfer is to transfer the toner on the ribbon to the medium through the high temperature on the print head, and the handwriting retention time is longer, so it is widely used.