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How does the barcode scanner read the QR code information?

March 8, 2022

First of all, people who have been in contact with the barcode scanner know very well that its main function is to scan the barcode, and then decode the serial number in the barcode to the computer. to the system, and then match and settle the commodity information just entered through the system software. Speaking of this, I believe that many people have begun to understand that barcode scanners can only be regarded as front-end work equipment. It needs to complete the work and also needs to cooperate with a computer and corresponding software to complete the work. If there is no barcode, it also needs to be equipped with a barcode printer.


When you want to understand the method of barcode scanning gun to read two-dimensional code information, you also need to understand what barcode is. The barcode is to access data according to the width of the black and white barcode. The desired information is stored in the barcode.


So much to tell you, it's not realistic to store all the required information in a barcode or QR code. The current solution is to store the index value in a QR code, then scan it into a computer, and the computer program will connect to the database (all information to be displayed is pre-entered) to query specific product information. The QR code only stores a URL, and the code scanner recognizes the URL and directly opens this web page to display it to the user. The advantage of this design is that when product information changes, you only need to modify the corresponding database or web page without creating a new barcode/QR code again.