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Functional comparison of barcode printers and label printers

March 7, 2022

We often hear that the printer that prints barcodes is a barcode printer, also known as a self-adhesive printer or a label printer.

Bar code printers and label printers, bar code machines, and label machines are all the same thing, but they are called differently.


A barcode printer is a specialized printer. The biggest difference between barcode printers and ordinary printers is that the printing of barcode printers is based on heat, and the printing is completed with carbon ribbon as the printing medium (or directly using thermal paper).

The content it prints is generally the company's brand logo, serial number logo, packaging logo, barcode logo, envelope label, clothing tag, etc.

The focus of barcode printers is on barcodes and QR codes. Of course, barcodes and QR codes are also printed on labels, but barcode printers have a relatively large limit on label paper, which is not as good as label printers. However, the printing function of barcode and QR code is relatively strong.


The printer itself carries an input keyboard, built-in certain fonts, fonts and a considerable number of label template formats. Through the LCD screen of the fuselage, you can directly input, edit, and typeset the label content according to your own needs, and then directly print the input printer.

The focus of label printers is to print labels, which can be large or small and have a wide range of available labels. Early label printers do not support barcodes and QR codes. But now that it has developed, most of them support barcodes and QR codes.