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Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting_Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting Process

March 7, 2022

1. Several more complex fault situations are listed as follows:

1) The function of reading this barcode is not turned on.

2) The barcode does not meet the specifications, such as lack of necessary blank area, low contrast between bars and spaces, and inappropriate width and narrow ratios of bars and spaces.

3) Direct sunlight, the photosensitive device enters the saturation region.

4) The surface of the barcode is covered with transparent material, and the reflectivity is too high. Although the barcode can be seen by the eyes, the reading conditions of the collector are strict and cannot be read.

5) Hardware failure, contact your dealer for repair.

2. The scanning gun emits no light:

The scanner has USB, PS2 and COM interfaces. First check whether the cable is connected well. If it is the latter, generally after connecting the device, you need to restart the computer.


3. After reading a barcode, the scanner crashes:

1) Due to the protection function of the scanner gun, if the read barcode data is transmitted incorrectly, it will automatically enter the protection state to prevent data loss. If the data that has not been transmitted successfully is read, the scanner can be used again.

2) If this phenomenon occurs, please carefully check the connection and protocol of the operator. After confirming that it is correct, turn off the scanner and turn it on again to use it normally again.


4. After the normal connection, the scanner is out of power

1) The power connection is not good

2) The fuse is blown

3) Scanner power supply circuit failure


5. Other common faults that should be sent for repair:

1) The indicator light is abnormal and the device cannot work

2) There is abnormal sound

3) No laser line

4) Scanning distance becomes very close


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