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What should I do if the ribbon of the barcode printer is broken?

June 22, 2022

Latest company case about What should I do if the ribbon of the barcode printer is broken?

The ribbon is always broken. The reason why the ribbon is broken when the barcode printer is printing is roughly as follows:



1. The printing temperature is too high: the common cause of ribbon breakage is that the printing temperature is set too high, especially when printing full horizontal lines or fine text. It is recommended not to simply increase the printing temperature to improve the printing quality, because too high printing temperature can easily cause the ribbon to melt and break and affect the service life of the print head.


2. The tension of the ribbon shaft is too large: if the damping setting of the ribbon supply shaft and the recovery shaft of the barcode printer is too large, the rewinding force of the ribbon will increase, thereby increasing the possibility of the ribbon breaking. Sometimes, the printer indicator light will also directly prompt the ribbon to report an error signal. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the resistance and tension of the supply end and the recycling end of the carbon ribbon.


3. The material of the ribbon is too poor: the base film is the carrier of the ribbon, and its strength and thickness will directly affect the ductility of the ribbon. The base film used for some cheap carbon ribbons is thin and poor in texture, and the ribbon will melt and break even at normal printing temperatures. It is recommended to replace the carbon ribbon with a better material.


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