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What are the classifications of portable mobile printers?

June 22, 2022

Latest company case about What are the classifications of portable mobile printers?

From the classification of use: dedicated and general. The so-called dedicated portable barcode printer refers to a portable mobile printer for special purposes, such as barcode micro-printing, card micro-printing, etc. These micro-printing usually require software or driver support, or can only be matched with one or several special The general-purpose portable mobile printers are widely used and can support the print output of many kinds of devices. Many so-called printers are actually general-purpose portable mobile printers.


Classification from printing methods: needle type, thermal, thermal transfer, etc. The printing method used by needle micro-printing is that the printing needle hits the ribbon to print the ink of the ribbon on the printing paper. The thermal method is to heat the thermal medium coated on the printing paper. The toner on the ribbon is heated to print the toner on the printing paper. At present, except for barcode printers and ticket printers, it is rarely used in other fields. In addition, there are portable mobile font printers, which are mostly used in taxis. superior.



Classification from data transmission methods: wireless and wired. Wireless micro-playing uses infrared or bluetooth technology for data communication, while wired micro-playing uses serial or parallel data communication.

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