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How to choose the right label printer?

June 22, 2022

Latest company case about How to choose the right label printer?

When purchasing a thermal transfer printer, you should pay attention to the following points before you can buy the product that suits you.



(1) Determine the model according to the print volume


If your print volume is not more than 4000 sheets, it is recommended that you buy an ordinary commercial (some commonly known as office) barcode printers. Commercial printers have small paper capacity and carbon ribbon capacity. In the office, it does not occupy an area, and the printing effect and printing quality can meet the needs. If you need more than 4000 labels, it is recommended that you buy an industrial printer, because industrial printers are mainly made of steel structure, which can accommodate large paper rolls and large lengths of carbon ribbons, both in service life and harsh environments. It has good performance and is a suitable choice for large factories.


(2) Select the model according to the print quality requirements


If your application place requires high printing quality, such as jewelry, mobile phone or requires printing on smaller labels, it is recommended that you use a 300DPI printer, and other general wheat head labels can use 200DPI.


(3) Select the model according to the software requirements


At present, the vast majority of printers on the market can only use one printing language, and they can only use their own printing commands, which are not compatible with each other. If you can consider language compatibility when purchasing, you can maximize the use of the printer. occasion.


(4) Select a product that has a formal base in the country


There are many products in China that are only handed over to agents for sale. It is likely that the main business of the agent is not the product you want to buy, or the technical support of the agent is not enough, etc. We suggest that you must find a domestic agent. A brand with an official base.


(5) Choose a dealer who can provide services


Some dealers claim that they can provide all printer products. In fact, for consumers, this is not what matters. What consumers need should be the dealer's technical support and after-sales service for a certain product. Whether the related products and related products can be fully provided. For example, the consumables used with the printer are a very important reference. When choosing a printer, you should ask the dealer to provide the appropriate consumables for the printer at the same time, because some are inappropriate. The combination of different consumables and printers may not necessarily produce printing results.


(6) Select a printer with common consumables


Some printer brands, in order to make profits on consumables, often specify that their products must be equipped with special consumables, otherwise they cannot print good results, and even do not give warranty for the damage caused by this. This is what should be done when purchasing a printer. Note that, especially now that the price of printer consumables continues to drop, it is better to buy printers with general-purpose consumables.


(7) Choose a printer with practical functions and a price that reflects the cost


The price of some foreign brand printers is very high, which is completely separated from the cost price of the printer. In order to increase the price, they often add some functions that are not often needed in actual use. The reason why the current thermal transfer printers are still not popular is mostly related to In this regard, purchasing a printer with a moderate price and suitable functions is the way to reduce costs.


(8) Choose a brand with cheap parts and guaranteed maintenance


When purchasing a printer, you should also ask which parts are easily damaged. For thermal transfer printers, the most easily damaged is the print head, because printing on various unpredictable printing materials or the influence of the operating environment may cause printing Head damage, if you buy a whole printer of another brand for the price of replacing the print head, it is indeed a big loss. In addition, you should inquire about the preparation of the parts of the purchased products. The parts of some products are not stocked in China. When the parts need to be replaced, the agent often takes 3 months to half a year to re-import the parts, which leads to the shutdown of the production unit.

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